How Much Do Nursing Instructors Make A Year

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And so I think it really helps to have someone show you that it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s what I want to do for people. Art doesn’t have to feel as inaccessible as a lot of times it does.” Fumagalli, 22, will be the student commencement speaker during SOU’s graduation ceremony Saturday at Raider Stadium, where 1,100 students are expected to receive degrees — 866, Fumagalli included, are expected to receive their bachelor’s degrees, 184 are slated to obtain their graduate degrees and 61 will receive degrees from the Oregon Health & Science University nursing program. The processional is scheduled to begin at 8:45 a.m. and ceremonies at 9 a.m., and the commencement address will be presented by prominent Native American environmentalist and activist and former vice presidential nominee Winona LaDuke, an Ashland native whose mother, Betty LaDuke, was an SOU faculty member for 32 years. Fumagalli, who was named SOU’s Outstanding English Major, is carrying a 3.9 GPA and will graduate with a degree in English and a minor in Art History. He’s worked at the Schneider Museum since his freshman year and was promoted to its education coordinator this school year, a post he’s relished. As the museum’s education coordinator, Fumagalli helps organize all its docent tours, trains new docents, organizes once-a-month family days and recently kicked off a program for which the museum brings works of art to Skylark Assisted Living and Memory Care in order to present a sort of make-shift tour for Skylark residents who have dementia or, for a variety of reasons, are not able to visit the museum in person. Fumagalli, a member of SOU’s Honors College, said he and his staff select about four pieces of art, set them up in Skylark’s open lobby and open up a discussion similar to the docent tours that Schneider hosts. “It’s very discussion-based,” he said. “So we would ask them, ‘What do you see in this piece? What are you noticing about how the artist put this together?

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